17th of May – “Norway’s Constitution Day”
Also known as Norway’s “ Children’s Day”

Norway is different from any countries in the world!

If you were to ask the children, anywhere in the world, which day is the absolutely best day of the year?

Most children in the Christian part of the world would say, “Christmas Day”, when we get so many presents.

Jewish children would say, “Hannucha”, where they received gifts from their parents.

Chinese children would say, “Chinese New Year”, where parents and friends of the family give
Ang Pow, a red envelop with money to their children.

Thai children would say, “Songkran”, a celebration when even grown ups can behave like happy children.

And in Norway both children and grown ups would say, “The 17th of May”, “The Norwegian National Day” and also known as “Barnas Dag” or “Children’s Day”.

On this day, children have school holiday, and most children are dressed up in national costume. You will see children on parade in every town with music and band playing.

The whole day is based on peace, happiness, and lots of fun for everyone.

On National Day, the King and Queen are looking down from the palace on a great crowd of children and grown ups, marching with band playing and waving their flags proudly.

My father is Norwegian and my mother is from the Philippines, but I was born here in the land of smiles, called Thailand. So I am very lucky cause I have so many places to love and to feel at home.

There are so many similarities between Norway and Thailand.
Both Norway and Thailand have King and Queen that are highly respected.
Both countries flag are Red, White and Blue.
Each color represents something, RED for our hearts and our love, WHITE for the white snow in Norway and Buddhism in Thailand and BLUE for the heavenly sky and for the King in Thailand, a bow to both countries.

Both countries came to exist without any National revolution.
Both countries are internationally well known as country of Peace.

I only hope, that more people and nations would listen to the peaceful wishes from our two nations.

The history of Thailand and the history of Norway showed that a peaceful nation could be established without any violence.

Hope that everyone in this world would peacefully act for the better future of the children.

For we, “the children are the future”.

Have a pleasant 17th of May celebration in Pattaya, and let us make this a tradition in the future.