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Pegleg's Wheels of Torture '01

Sunday 16th September
We managed
357,540 Baht !!!
See you at the Pub Night

Just a few words to round up my bike ride

The bike ride went better than expected, so I hereby think I can declare myself a living example that Heineken in big quantities is the best way to load up your body before an exercise! I also think my diet before the event was important. Call me old fashioned but I don’t trust those fiber diets! I think a herb/garlic-marinated leg-of-lamb is exactly what an athlete of the 21st century needs to get in shape. The wino with the meal should be kept at a minimum; a couple of Rioja bottles should be enough.
If someone wants the perfect way to build up a thirst, try 50K on a bike. Trust me, everything I saw during the last 10K, looked like a bottle of beer! Funny, ever seen a traffic light looking like a giant Heineken, or 6 ducks next to Sukumvit looking like a six-pack?
Not much to say about the ride but I will never forget the moment when Jan Olav passed me with one of those he-he-he-are-you-tired smile on his face, and looking like he was enjoying a night in front of the TV. I was half a second away from giving up the whole “race” when I suddenly noticed that he didn’t move his legs. Ugh, he was just out “walking” his new electrical bike – hmph! And I must have looked a bit tired at the end since a Baht Bus driver yelled “taxiiiii?” when I was about to turn into Bayshore.

The fair was fun and it wasn’t only the kids that enjoyed the day. You could hear proud parents ensuring the kid to “you go ahead, I’ll wait over there!” (Jesters Beer Tent).
For a more detailed report about the fair with photos, point your browser over to Kim’s weekly diary!

People have asked for training programs in order to participate in next years ride.
Well, I may not be the right person to ask but I think the diet is very important.
Try to watch Tour de France, Spain, and all the others on TV. That gave me valuable information to what kind of gear to buy and it’s also quite entertaining to watch with a cold beer! Don’t believe what people tell you, the sports gear and colours are very important. I would recommend bright pink, green or blue. Try to avoid yellow, as some people tend to put on a little extra weight in yellow shirts!

My collection from the sponsors ended with a special donation from a Norwegian Hasher. A bottle of my favorite XO Cognac! We decided that selling the XO for 200B per glass would be a great way to raise more money. It resulted in 3920B, and a giant hangover for me…
Oh well, see ya at the Pub Night and keep an eye on the Care4Kids web site, it’s updated daily!
Thanks again to all of you for the support, I want ask you again (before July next year).

Erik the Biker, eh.
A few shots from the day...: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10



For more information about the Bike Ride, Children's Fair and the Pub night, 
visit the Care for Kids website or read the history of the event in Pattaya Mail

The Scandibar Hall of Fame
So far, thanks for the donation from:
Trond, Cato, Leif, Linda, Fredrik, Vodka, Rita, Steinar, Geir, Geir, Steinar, Kjetil, Yngvar, Heineken, Erik, Sakhorn, Erling, Øivind T, Knut, Leif, Ove, Dag Arne, Terje O, Tommy, Frode, Ole, Kjellmann, Thue, Tommy, Leif, Jiraporn, Steinar, Doc, Charles, Margit, Tore, Pacific Pride, Knut, Toto, M.Lund, Nuchanard, Frode, Ronny-vektløfter'n, Helge, Aage, Stig, Thip, Svein GT, Baard, Pen, Lars Fredrik, Trond, Mr.Somchai, Jan Ove, Aril, Randi, Frode, Sigve, John B., Heineken, Endre, Bjørnar, Lars, Inge, Frank, Ottar, John Helge, Per, Jarle, Lillehammer-Tom, Frode, Kai Rudolph, Helge, Terje, Tom S, Magnhild, Trygve, Torbjørn, Terje G, Kyrre, Odd Jan, Odd Einar, Reidun B, Wenche S, Endre, Martin S, Ploy, Roald, Paal T, Thor Arnold, John DeSnoo, Jann Terje, Marius, Terje S, Svein Ove, Kjella, Geir R, Peter Sørensen, Trond Ørnebakk, Mr.Alex, Stig J, Harald DC, Leif M, Roger M, Øystein A, Eldar D, Steve, Vigdis, Roar E, Siv, Bjørn Erik, Geir R, Trond T, Ivar.J.S, Otto B, Espen A, Asle M, Kåre Kanon, Knut B, Mattias, Iver E, Harald L, Ketil U, Khampon U, Rune E, Ernie B, Arve A, Runar G, Tommy T, Arne F, Akevitt Tom, A.Haugen, Festering Streaker, and Ronny "Quarter Slot" R donated a Backe Gabrielsen Cognac that resulted in a 3920B income!

AND the Scandibar Gold Club (5,000B and up)
Marion & Jan Harald (Zorro) - 5,000B !!!
Henrik, Lene, Anett & Andre - 5,000B !!!
Pingo - 5,000B !!!
Eilef - 5,000B !!!
Kari Myhre - 5,000B !!!
Ingmar Seth - 5,000B !!!
Øyvind Berle - 5,000B !!!
Lars A. Nogva - 5,000B !!!
Asbjørn Kalvøy - 5,000B !!!
George - 5,000B !!!
Rune Vidala - 5,000B !!!
Terje Hermansen - 5,000B !!!
Pål Nygård - 5,120B (120B for 'Vaseline' included in the donation)

Trond Hogstad - 5,000B !!!
Rune Skolelærer'n & Nok - 5,000B !!!
Andrea, Charlotte & Lars - 5,000B !!!
Britt the Mum - 5,000B
Ole Tegen - 5,000B
AND,  The Words-are-not-enough Club
Arve Helland - 12,000B !!!
Rune Halvorsrud - 11,000B !!!
Erik, Jean & Yvonne - 10,000B !!!
Trygve Hansen - 10,000B !!!
AND .... Thank you very much Edgar...
Orkide Ekspressen - www.orkide.no - 100,000B !!!