Pegleg's Bike Ride '06
Sponsor Pegleg, aka Erik - 16th September
The 417 Km
Hat Lek to Pattaya

Bike Ride 2006
Joined by Big Robert once again!

Help them raise money for this years
Jesters Care4Kids Charity Drive
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This years trip will take us the coast road up from Hat Lek at the Cambodian border
all the way up to Pattaya, just in time to join this years Pub Night.
For donations - drop by the bar or e-mail me.

We ended up with : 582,741 Baht !!!
Erik: 144,500
Big Robert the Swede: 438,241 Baht

Norway - Sweden: 0-1

The Scandibar Hall of Fame 2006...
Asbjørn Kalvøy, Pappa Kjell, Øyvind Berle , Erik, Jean, Yvonne, Erik Sjønnesen, Aksel,
Winit & Jan (youngest bell ringer in town), Otto Brohjem, Rune Enger, Terje & Rita,
Supap & Harald, Mai & Ingar, Hans-Petter & Pla,
Jan-Willy Kvaksrud, Tor Lindrupsen,
Parisa Phakdee (Noi), Mr. & Mrs Arne Fjørtoft, Skiloftet Norefjell, Stig Lagesen,
Jofred Fiksdal, Asle Nerås, Stig Jonassen, Bunluea Kethon,
Ingvar Berland, Arnt Kristiansen, Finna.
Thank you!

The Scandibar Gold Club:
Pappa Kjell - 6,000B !!!
Jan-Willy Kvaksrud - 5,000B !!!
Skiloftet Norefjell - 5,000B !!!
Stig Jonassen - 6,000B !!!
The words-are-not-enough Club:
Asbjørn Kalvøy - 10,000B !!!
Øyvind Berle - 20,000B !!!
Erik, Jean & Yvonne - 10,000B !!!
Erik Sjønnesen - 10,000B !!!
Aksel, Winit & Jan (youngest bell ringer in town) - 10,000B !!!
Supap & Harald - 10,000B !!!
Mai & Ingar - 10,000B !!!
Mr. & Mrs Arne Fjørtoft - 10,000B !!!
Ingvar Berland - 10,000B !!!

Pegleg's Bike Ride 2001 - 2002 - 2003 - 2004- 2005

Jesters Care For Kids is an organization to help underprivileged children from poor, broken families in Pattaya, Thailand, and the surrounding area. This entails helping the children get off the streets in order to give them the opportunity to get a fresh start in life through community support, care and education.
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