Frequently Asked Questions

How late can I book a trip?
In order to get the live bait, we normally need at least 24 hours.
The bait fishing takes place the night prior to a trip.

Will I get my money back in case of bad weather?
If a trip is cancelled from our side, because of wind and/or waves or other reasons, you will of course get 100% refund.

Other reasons a trip could be cancelled?
A trip will be cancelled if we fail to get bait.

I've been sea sick before, will I get sick again?
Could be that it will happen again.
Some great medicine is available but you need to take it 1-2 hours prior to the trip. Contact us if you need advice.

Can you organize buying drinks as well?
Can do! We need a list a couple of days up front in order to do the shopping. 100 Baht will be added to the final amount.

Can we get the catch cooked?
Drop by the Scandinavia Bar & Restaurant with the catch. Just let the cook know when you want your dinner. You will only be charged for the extras and drinks.

Where do we board?
You board the boat at the Bali Hai pier in South Pattaya (the new one close to Siam Bayshore Hotel).