We offer two types of packages:
- Rent-a-Boat with all equipment, bait, drinking water and ice for the coolers.
- Guided trips with breakfast buffet and lunch buffet included.

Cooking of your catch can be done in Scandinavia restaurant for a small fee.
Drop the fish off on the way to your hotel, and tell the cook what time you would like the dinner.

Rent-a-Boat - 7,000 Baht Day fishing / 8,000 Baht Night fishing
Bring a few friends, drinks and food. We provide the live bait, drinking water and ice for the coolers. Cooking facilities are available.
The boat, crew and all the equipment is yours between 06.00-18.00 or 18.00-06.00 if you prefer night fishing.
Half day rental can be arranged with a maximum 7 days pre-booking at 5,000 Baht (Only fishing near Pattaya). 06.00 - 12.00 or 12.00 – 18.00

Guided trips
Maximum 5 anglers.
5 persons- 2,200 Baht per person.
4 persons- 2,500 Baht per person.
3 Persons- 3,000 Baht per person.
2 persons- 4,000 Baht per person
Includes breakfast buffet and lunch buffet with International food as smoked ham, cheese, smoked salmon, eggs, bacon, pate, hamburger steak’s, fresh bread, fruits, etc
Just bring your drinks.
If you are alone, just check with us when the next trip will take place.

Want to compete?
If you are 6-8 persons who want a good old Fishing Tournament, we can book a 2nd boat. Rates between 6-9000 baht for the 2nd boat, depending on what is available and size of the boat.