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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How to book?
Use the booking form at each hotel page or send an e-mail with all the information from the form.

I don't think the booking form works!
It works but...
The booking form use your e-mail program to send the information to us. It will not work on a PC without an e-mail account configured.
If you don't get a warning that your PC is about to send e-mail, it probably didn't work.
Just send us all the information in a regular mail.

How long time to confirm a booking?
Depending on when you submit the form we will confirm the booking in 12-24 hours.

How to pay?
You pay the hotel directly during your stay!
At the moment we accept bookings without pre-payment/credit card guarantee.
Since no one likes to spread their credit card numbers around we need some cooperation here.
We are placing a guarantee for 1 night stay and the non-payment deal will only continue if people cancel their rooms at least a 1 week prior to check-in date, OR, they pay us the penalty for 1 night stay if "No Show".

At least 1 week prior to Check-In.

I missed my flight/I'm delayed
As long as you inform us about the delay, the hotel will keep the booking.
E-mail us if it's time or phone us 24hrs at a number you will get after booking.
If you don't inform us, or the hotel, about the delay, the hotel will automatically count you as a "No Show" and cancel your booking.

No Show
We will have to pay one night and the hotel will put the person on their "black list".
We will contact the guest asking him/her to pay for the night and will contact the hotel and ask them to remove the name from the list (if the hotel use a list - some do) if the guest pay.

Check-in and Check-out time
As all other hotels our hotels operates with 14.00 check-in time and 12.00/noon check-out.
Check-in earlier is subject to availibility but there's normally never a problem to check in a few hours earlier. Let us know when booking and the hotels will do everything they can to get a room ready early enough.
Check-out a couple of hours late is normally ok if they have rooms available. Otherwise the rate is "1/2 day" until 18.00 and full day after that.

Available rooms
We will always ask for double rooms with double bed, high floor and sea-view where available (with the exception of Dynasty Resort that have a separate rate for single rooms). Ask for the same when checking in to the hotel. You can also normally change room as soon as a better room become available if you mention this when checking in. Non-smoking rooms and twin beds are available in some hotels.

Checking out earlier
Normally no problem. They just want a 24-48hrs notice.

Extending the stay
No problem if they have rooms available. Send us a mail and we will deliver more beer vouchers to the hotel.

Not all hotels let us sell them as cheap as we want so we ended up with throwing in a beer at most hotels. Some hotels have a beer per day in Scandinavia Bar and Restaurant. You will get all the information after confirmation but the vouchers will be waiting for you at check-in.
They are all dated and are only valid on the day. Carlsberg/Chang draft beer only - A Heineken draft beer upgrade will be 10B extra.

How to contact you
As you may have seen we use both Hotmail and Loxinfo in order to confirm a booking as soon as possible. When sending us a mail, please use the address below only. That address will reach us faster than the others.

If you have other questions, feel free to contact us.


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