Pegleg's Bike Ride '05
Sponsor Pegleg, aka Erik! - 9th September
The 412 Km

Bike Ride 2005

Joined by Big Robert once again!

Help him raise money for this years
Jesters Care4Kids Charity Drive
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The Story so far: 10,000 Baht
Thank you!

The Scandibar Hall of Fame 2005...
Erik, Virginia, Yvonne.

The Scandibar Gold Club

The words-are-not-enough Club
Erik, Jean & Yvonne - 10,000B !!!

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Jesters Care For Kids is an organization to help underprivileged children from poor, broken families in Pattaya, Thailand, and the surrounding area. This entails helping the children get off the streets in order to give them the opportunity to get a fresh start in life through community support, care and education.
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